As the summer progressed, my daughter taught me (not a gardener) about gardening.  She was sad when the program ended, but taught me to plant our own garlic, and spoke often of her experiences at the farm.  When spring came, we signed up for a second summer at St. Francis Farm. 

What was the attraction? My daughter liked working with “the farmers” in the gardens.  She didn’t care about the heat, bugs or weeds.  She loved taking care of the goats, chickens and pigs.  She let me know it wasn’t all work, and that they went on great adventures by the pond and in the woods.  They climbed trees, hunted for frogs and salamanders and explored nature after their chores were done.  At home she is a cook, and now has herbs drying in my kitchen and growing in pots.  This experience has been far from the usual activities offered to school children, and she embraced it.   

When St. Francis Farm offered their first family day, I was happy to have the chance to spend time with my daughter at this place she thought so highly of.  I enjoyed my day, visiting with Lorraine, Zach and Joanna, and learning about the farm, their activities and purpose.  They were gracious hosts, answering my many questions and patiently teaching us “non-gardeners”.  (I sincerely hope their garlic grows ok.)  I enjoyed meeting new families, working in the garden and walking in the woods.  I came home refreshed from spending time at the farm, and noticed that I, too, had a big smile on my face. 

 --Patty, Pulaski NY

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